Friday, August 03, 2007

every cloud has a silver lining

the last couple of weeks were.... can't describe it with a word less than "hell"... i've been in and out of hospitals and private clinics, and in the end, i came down into one and only fact, medical care in gaza sucks!!!! i used to think so at first but now i really believe it...

I've been in a medical crisis at the first place because of a medical error, two weeks ago, and since then until today i've been everything but fine... :(

the funny thing is that while being in the hospital numerous number of doctors stand around you and try to prove there stupidity one way or the other, each of them gives an opinion that could have made me laugh if it wasn't me the subject of argument!!! one of them was insisting to take me into surgery the other was blabbering something about exploration!!!! me... they actually want to explore ME !!
I've always heard about a "near death experience" and how you see ur whole life flashing in front of ur eyes... but.. that didn't happen to me... i wonder why? the only thing i was worried about and thinking of all the time was... "what will happen to my son... my sweet little duckling.. "raed""..
"every cloud has a silver lining".. and that really proved to be right, during my illness, my friends proved to be true friends, they've helped me get through my rough times and made me feel a lot better...they didn't leave me alone even for a single moment... they felt for me.. they cried for me... and most important of all... they made me laugh in my darkest hours... :) That's why i would like to thank them all for helping me and cheering me up.. and i'd like to specially thank Rana, Nuha, Hana, Fadwa.... thank you all... you are really my guarding angels...


Anonymous said...

مسا الخير حبيبتى ندى
شكرا كثير اليك على المقااله الحلوه وعنوانها احلى
بس بحب قلك شى بس ارجوو ما تضايقى ...........
انو نحنا اخوه هذا اقل شى نحنا بنعملك اياه علشان سلامتك وعلشان رائد هو بحاجه اليكى اكثر من أى انسان

rosh said...

هاي ندوش حبيبتي ....
انا اسفه على الزمن الي ما خلاني اقدر اكون بجنبك في وجعك واتمنى تكون هاي اخر الاوجاع.وبدعي ربي تكوني دايما بصحه وخير مشانك ومشان رائد ومشاني انا كمان ومشان نقرا اشياء حلوه منك(-:

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