Saturday, August 30, 2008

back to reality

hi everybody... im back :) at least i think i am, sorry for leaving my blog for such a long long time, but what can i say.. "too many balls in the air".. i'm now in college "AGAIN" and yeah.. i have little Sarah, she is 2months and 20 days old :)

What can i tell you more.. hmmm.. nothing have changed since i last posted.. i think.. everything in Gaza is still the same, the only good thing is you don't hear apatchi helicopters now, that's a relief. The peace treaty between hamas and israel hasn't changed much of what is happening, i'm still suffering from the shortage of soft drinks and sodas ;) i mean, the portals and ways from and to gaza are STILL all closed, we still don't have enough gas for cooking and there isn't any fuel for cars, that's why the genius creative drivers of gaza started using Cooking OIL instead of gazoline or fuel, which makes even the thought of taking a walk in the street "suffocating"..
Tomorrow schools will open and a new scholastic year will start, even my son raed is going to kindergarten :) i'm really excited, i feel like it's me who's going.. he he he, i know.. mothers and their stupid desire to control everything... what can i do.. all mothers are, i think it comes with the whole package of motherhood!!!
Returning to schools, the streets of Gaza are used to be filled with crowds of people in this time of the year, beginning of schools and ramadan too, i mean, 2 seasons in one, but unfortunately, unlike every year, the shops are empty and the supermarkets are hollow, just like the pockets of the gazans!!! the prices over here are sky rocketing.. since last year no goods of any kind have entered the strip, which created a huge shortage in all primary goods and even accessories, which of course as a result made greedy merchants ask for a loooooooot for what they are selling, all the prices are at least 3 times higer from what the are supposed to be... sighhhh.. talk about social interdependence :S
And also tomorrow may be the first day of Ramadan, so "Ramadan Kareem everybody" .. looks like it's gonna be a busy day tomorrow :)
Well.. that's about it for now, i promise that i'll write soon :D

Thursday, January 24, 2008

City of Candles :S

I'm sure that you've all heard about what's happening in Gaza..

Looks like we always succeed in reaching the headlines... as if we are the only ones having some "action" in our lives ... ha ha ha... strange how -although all the misery we are going through and living- we still have the "ability" to even draw a smile on our faces..

I've seized the opportunity of having electricity for few hours to write this post... it's been a loooong time since i blogged a new entry..

so.. let me brief you on the most recent updates.. since my last post until now, nothing has entered Gaza but essential food aid, like rice, flour, wheat, sugar, milk... etc and limited amounts of fuel, which have been banned since last week, which have caused the complete cut of electricity in the strip :(

Yesterday, some militants bombed the wall between Egypt and Gaza, but they only let Palestinians cross to a place called "El-Areesh", which is a place that's even more disperate than Gaza itself.. :D

It's been ages since i ate a decent chocolate, or drank a soft drink... or even enjoyed a day with a 24 hour electricity..

LOoks like this is going to be one looooooong cold winter...but, will not despair