Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Darkness in Gaza

I'm holding my pen, not knowing where to start from...
Should i start with the ongoing show of killing and shooting of innocent people either by palestinians themselves or by israelies?

Or should it be the closure of Rafah Crossing (El-Mabar) and the increasing numbers of people stranded on the Egyptian side?

Or maybe i should talk about the salaries of thousands of poor PA employees who haven't received a penny since months, without any obvious reason... looks like everything is going wrong with out a reason from the first place!! which also reminds me of the large piles of garbage almost blocking Gaza's streets and the awful fumes that can knock you dead, all over the coastal strip, because of the municipality labourer's strike.. they also aren't receiving any salaries!!

Perhaps it should be the Decision of the EU to cut it's supplies of Fuel to the Strip, which allowed Isreal to announce "also" it's decision of cutting the Electricity supply it provides to Gaza. Well, looks like electricity now is also used in this revolting game of "who cracks first" that everybody is playing.. i think they are calling politics now a days... the only ones loosing and suffering and also "cracking" are the simple citizens... who have nothing to do with all this nonsense..

Schools are opening in few days, Ramadan is approaching and then comes Eid..all events that are known to be met with wonderful ceremonies and cheerful celebrations in such a way that makes you forget all the bitterness and sadness that we are all living... but this year.... it's different. You walk around in the streets, you see people with dark faces.. hollow looks... nothing is the same anymore. before we lived and went through bad and rough times, but... in the end, we still had each others. but now, it seems that we loosed everything, maybe even our cause... i'm afraid.

You rarely hear the word "Palestine" anymore, you switch the channels -in the few hours we have electricity in-, looking for any news about Jerusalem and the tunnels dug beneath it, but also.. zip.. nothing.. sigh.. All you can see are politicians throwing accusations here and there, pointing fingers and looking for someone to blame.

So much for a happy summer vacation... could things get any worse?!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Global Warming ?!@#

Living in Gaza doesn't mean that we aren't concerned with all that's going out there, cuz believe it or not... WE TOO LIVE ON THIS PLANET !!

Got an e-mail earlier about this polar bear... naa, won't tell you the rest.. the clip speaks for its self..

the video is funny, but at the same time, it carries a harsh truth that we are destroying our planet by our own hands...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

From Gaza....

These are some pics that i took while wondering around in Gaza City....
A florist shop.. most of the flowers are artificial ... :)

The destroyed statue of the "Unknown Soldier".. in the middle of Gaza City.

A gardener sprinkling water in the garden of the "Unknown Soldier"

Some roomers of a salary for the PA employees who haven't received their salaries for 2 months or more have spread...

"Shawermah" one of the most popular meat sandwiches in Gaza, and maybe in the arab world..

Al Rimal Street

The donkey is still considered to be one of the most popular means of transportation in the strip.. i'm still scared of them..

Sunday, August 05, 2007

A typical hot day with no electricity ;)

Today was a very very hot day... and lucky us.. it was our turn in the electricity schedule i told you all about earlier... sigh.. :(
My son and his father couldn't stand the heat.. so here is what they did :-

My husband showering my son with a water hose.. :)

Raed trying to escape the shower attack

The whole camp came to play around and watch ;)

Ah... at last... my husband is being attacked... by other kidz.

Raed threatening to feed them all to the lion... his loyal friend..

Raed telling me all about his adventure...

Friday, August 03, 2007

every cloud has a silver lining

the last couple of weeks were.... can't describe it with a word less than "hell"... i've been in and out of hospitals and private clinics, and in the end, i came down into one and only fact, medical care in gaza sucks!!!! i used to think so at first but now i really believe it...

I've been in a medical crisis at the first place because of a medical error, two weeks ago, and since then until today i've been everything but fine... :(

the funny thing is that while being in the hospital numerous number of doctors stand around you and try to prove there stupidity one way or the other, each of them gives an opinion that could have made me laugh if it wasn't me the subject of argument!!! one of them was insisting to take me into surgery the other was blabbering something about exploration!!!! me... they actually want to explore ME !!
I've always heard about a "near death experience" and how you see ur whole life flashing in front of ur eyes... but.. that didn't happen to me... i wonder why? the only thing i was worried about and thinking of all the time was... "what will happen to my son... my sweet little duckling.. "raed""..
"every cloud has a silver lining".. and that really proved to be right, during my illness, my friends proved to be true friends, they've helped me get through my rough times and made me feel a lot better...they didn't leave me alone even for a single moment... they felt for me.. they cried for me... and most important of all... they made me laugh in my darkest hours... :) That's why i would like to thank them all for helping me and cheering me up.. and i'd like to specially thank Rana, Nuha, Hana, Fadwa.... thank you all... you are really my guarding angels...